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More than a real estate development company, Buildology is a concept built on 3 fundamental principles that define everything we do: quality, innovation and comfort. We create durable structures that pass the test of time and perfectly combine the functionality of spaces with modern architectural aesthetics.

We understand that "home" means comfort and safety, so all our buildings integrate only high-end construction materials, benefit from favorable positioning, as close as possible to the main points of interest in the city, and showcase efficient configurations that maximize the use of space. We are always up to date with the western model of real estate development and we constantly try to bring this innovation in every square meter we build.

We always choose quality over quantity and we understand that the investment that our clients make in their home must be fully worth it. And the fact that we started this business out of passion and the desire to revolutionize the way people live in our city, it guarantees that we are completely dedicated to doing things the right way.


A new concept

The building with mixed functions represents a perfect compositional balance between elegance and functionality, the missing part of an urban puzzle that is constantly changing. Built 3 meters from the street alignment and having an average height with the regime of Ug + Gf + 4F + Penthouse, the building is distinguished by the juxtaposition of two volumes with a differentiated mass both in terms of size, as well as chromatic, by using the two contrasting textures of the fiber cement, light blue-gray and white.

The piece of resistance that also offers the compositional balance of the building volume is represented by the penthouse located on the last floor, marked by chromatic contrast and the contribution given by the glazed surface to the full-empty ratio.The slim volumetric structure, made of concrete flat slab floors and diaphragms, offered the building new possibilities of functional organisation, variations including service spaces with multiple subdivision possibilities, two-room or generous three-room apartments, corner apartments or apartments arranged along three sides, with double and triple cardinal orientation.



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