The modern architecture with rigid lines and shapes accentuated by their simplicity through the white shade, is completed by the balanced use of natural exterior finishes made of volcanic rock (andesite). The contrasting natural stone plywood in the basement area, together with the 3 meter-wide console on the ground floor, creates the feeling of buoyancy of the entire structure.

The double (front and rear) retraction of the upper floor gives balance to the overall building size, as well as two terraces for a double panorama over the city from the only bedroom in this floor.

The composition of the functions shifted vertically, respectively garage - technical spaces/basement storage, living room-kitchen on the ground floor, two bedrooms on the 1st floor and master bedroom upstairs, offers privacy and a good organization by optimizing the footprint in a plot where as much green space as possible was essential.

The interior design showcases high quality finishes and materials integrated in a daring, unique concept. The timeless, contemporary style enriched by a mix of raw and warm elements give the space a sense of luxurious simplicity.

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